Ad Serving Platform

Programmatic Technology for Buy and Sell Side
Display, 3rd Party Tags, Video, Native, Push, VAST, Redirect/Link Ads


Aggregate inventory from various properties, SDK, Set up monetization stack, Sell inventory via S2S, Header/Server Bidding, Audience Building & Segmentation

Ad Networks

Onboard direct publishers through tag, S2S and SDK integration. Set ad space floors, Sell to DSPs, Smart eCPM, Retargeting, Custom lists, Conversion Tracking, Reporting, Accounting


All Publisher Functions plus Expose %age of traffic to DSPs, Configure DSPs, Create Traffic Funnels for DSPs, PMP, DSP Report (Error Rate, Win Rate), Sync Audiences with Exchanges


Bring SSP supply, Classify SSPs as premium or standard, Set up Campaigns, Flexible Bids, Margin Management, TMT Ad Scanning, Optimize CPC campaigns, Agency White labelling


Audience Syncing with Exchanges, Media Buying Console, Campaigns through APIs, Reporting through APIs, Smart Conversion Tracking (S2S and Pixel Based)


RTB Arbitrate involves trading SSP traffic with DSPs. Companies that engage in this model can leverage our Arbitrage plugin. Injecting intelligence into RTB requests can result in better fill rate at higher CPMs.

Data Platforms

Companies that focus on audience data collection and segmentation and then selling data to other exchanges can leverage our software to build 260 degree view of audiences. Extend our current collection processes and algorithms to build your own solutions.

OOH Advertising

Out of Home advertising companies can leverage our SDK and server side solution to drive content, Ads and offers into devices running at locations where there is footfall. Intelligent devices that can detect gender of audiences can pass custom categories to server to serve targeting ads.

I’ve been in the Adtech space for 20 years and worked with dozens of technology groups. Audiencelogy understands Adtech, they do phenomenal work in every aspect of our technology stack. They do it on time and best of all, they have helped us create a more intelligent platform by listening to what we do and making suggestions.

Getting Started


Step 1

Discuss your requirements with us. Most deployments can be completed with configuration without any development.

Step 2

Free license and SOW based development, if any. Sign Contract.

Step 3

Technical team will request you to set up sub-domains. Product gets deployed in days, not weeks.

Step 4

Launch. Make money.
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