Digital companies that engage in the business of programmatic media buying and selling

Ad Network

Create a walled garden ad network that connects publishers and advertisers.

DSP or Demand Side Platform

Create a DSP solution that will enable buying RTB inventory.

SSP or Supply Side Platform

Create an SSP solution to auction direct publisher traffic to direct advertisers or arbitrage with other DSPs.

Identity Graph

Build your own identity graph and acquire new customers.

Self Service

Enable self-service media buying and selling.

Unified Marketing Platform

Use and extend our out-of-box user interfaces using a rich set of APIs. User interfaces include admin management console and self-service interfaces. Integrate with your inhouse marketing systems to create a unified marketing platform for yourself.

RTB2RTB Arbitrage

Arbitrage traffic from supply-side platforms with demand-side platforms. Set targeting criteria to create traffic channels and run extremely low latency transactions. Use custom lists to create traffic channels and mix SSP traffic with direct traffic and use smart margin management to create SSP solutions.


Extend your Ad network and DSP reach on popular buying platforms like Facebook Google ads, DV360, and Zemanta. Integrated reporting across direct publisher properties, exchanges, and buying platforms.