Get the answers to popular questions about Audiencelogy.


We are a technology pure play company that licenses white labelled advertising technology products like Ad Network, Demand Side Platform (DSP) and Supply Side Solution (SSP) to media companies, content publishers and brands. Our offerings also include email ad server, connectors to popular platforms like Facebook and Google Ads, RTB2RTB arbitrage and solution to build identity graph.

Yes. We can give you a hosted instance which is fully white labelled.

Yes, we offer source code as a purchase option. Source code gives you full control over how you wish to build your custom solution.

We own the intellectual property of the product and our IP terms allow our clients to build custom solutions and create derived IP. Derivative work refers to a copyrighted work that comes from another copyrighted work. Copyrights allow their owners to decide how their works can be used, including creating new derivative works off of the original product.

Yes, we offer custom adtech and martech solutions. Our teams have deep understanding of these domains because of their engineering background in building ad technologies.

Hosting & Support

We can deploy the entire software on-prem or in a cloud provider of your choice. We recommend using dedicated hosting providers for components that are bandwidth intensive.

We offer 24x7x365 support to monitor your infrastructure. We have internal and external monitoring tools that watch all components of your application.

Pricing Model

Our free license to the product comes with a revenue share which is a percentage of your media spend with all publishers and exchanges. Revenue share does not apply for clients who pay license cost in full. Contact us for details.

We have QPS based pricing with a monthly minimum. QPS based pricing is different for traffic coming from RTB exchanges and traffic from direct publishers.


Our entire product comes with an extensive set of APIs that can be used to build management interfaces, self service interfaces and visualization dashboards.

Yes, you can write optimizers that can retrieve data from the platform using APIs and also call APIs to create campaigns and optimize them.