Tap Native

Tap Native is the leading native ad platform focused around health and wellness topics. Through natively integrated ad units, health related marketers promote their content to millions of health-conscious consumers and healthcare professionals across the Tap Native global network of top tier publishers like CNNhealth and Epoch Times.

Abbott Labs

Abbott Labs, a large pharma companies has numerous marketing channels to showcase their brand and products. One such channel is a well-known baby product Similac. We deployed the ad serving product to drive rule- based content to and other properties of Abbott. The platform required integration with other enterprise CMS systems.

Relevate Health

Relevate Health is in the process of building an extensive data warehouse of marketing and clinical data. Our teams are involved in capturing event data from email and paid media campaigns and utilizing this data to build audience segments for activation with their internal outbound email product and DSP platforms.


Kadusis began with a simple idea - matching clients and freelancers in the healthcare space in near real-time. Our client thought long and hard about “dash-board-ifying” an experience for constituents which provided a far superior experience than typical job boards, recruiters or staffing agencies. Our client envisioned an evolved platform which provides a simple all-encompassing and powerful dashboard for transacting. From helping clients and healthcare pros discover one-another, to document verification, job boards integration, messaging, contracting, administration of payments and customer service, Kadusis is engineered to be as smart, nimble, fast and flexible as the people who use it.

Health Doc Pro

Health Doc Pro is driven by a steadfast commitment to transforming the healthcare landscape through innovative solutions. As a forward-thinking MedTech solutions developer, Health Doc Pro owns and nurtures groundbreaking platforms that revolutionize how medical professionals and institutions interact, ensuring efficiency, security, and excellence in every endeavor.

Triad Healthcare

Triad Healthcare offers a wide range of digital marketing services with the necessary tools and expertise to help businesses. Triad uses our Ad Platform to run DTC and HCP campaigns on direct publisher traffic and RTB exchanges.

TruVerify UK

TruVerify UK is a secure repository where medical professionals store their credentials, certifications, training and personal data required for employment. TruVerify is built on BLOCKCHAIN technology and is hosted in the United Kingdom. Safe, Secure, Convenient, TruVerify is the future of professional talent acquisition. 

eHealthcare Solutions

eHealthcare Solutions is a unique marketing platform that specializes in connecting niche audiences with pharmaceutical and healthcare brands. Our teams are involved in building identity graph and retargeting those audiences on platforms like XandR.

Why Audiencelogy?

 Focused in AdTech & MarTech Space

 Advertising Platform for media buying, selling, event tracking and identity graph 

 Advertising Platform for media buying, selling, event tracking and identity graph 

  White Label (SaaS and Licensed models)

 Private Label with Source Code Option

 Professional Services to extend white label platform for your needs

 Pre-built components and framework-based approach to custom development

 Digital services like graphic design, ad creation, landing page design and optimization

 Competitive pricing through blended onshore and offshore rates

 Ongoing investment into new initiatives like contextual targeting, blockchain and AI to bring cutting edge solutions to clients.

 Marketplace to buy and sell media

Donated Media to run PSA, our social initiative in partnership with AdCouncil

  • I’ve been in the Adtech space for 20 years and worked with dozens of technology groups. Audiencelogy understands Adtech, they do phenomenal work in every aspect of our technology stack. They do it on time and best of all, they have helped us create a more intelligent platform by listening to what we do and making suggestions.

    - Rafael Cosentino, Tap Native LLC

AUDIENCELOGY's team demonstrated an unparalleled level of professionalism and creativity throughout the entire journey of building the Kadusis platform. From the initial brainstorming sessions to the final implementation, they exhibited a deep understanding of our brand and a keen eye for design that truly brought our vision to life. The Kadusis site, developed by AUDIENCELOGY, stands as a testament to their innovative approach. Not only is it visually appealing, but the user experience is seamlessly intuitive. The attention to detail and commitment to quality are evident in every aspect of the site. I wholeheartedly endorse AUDIENCELOGY for any business seeking a partner that combines creative brilliance with technical expertise. Their work has been instrumental in elevating Kadusis, and we are grateful for the continued collaboration.

- James De Sotle President / CEO Kadusis